From local websites to national magazines, Tara has had her work published in a variety of mediums and on a plethora of topics. She is currently working on a middle grade novel about a young girl, Natalie, from a rough neighborhood who spends much of her time alone, locked up in her apartment. When Natalie makes an unexpected friend it opens up a whole world that she didn’t know existed and now she thinks she’s found a way to escape the cycle of poverty she sees all around her. But, when her new friend faces loosing everything it is up to Natalie to figure out not only how to help her friend, but how to save herself.

Tara is also currently working on two picture books which she is hoping will be published later this year or early 2020.


No matter how small the project everyone needs a fresh perspective. Since her academic career at Portland State University, Tara has been working as a freelance editor for students pursuing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She has also worked with fellow aspiring authors helping them clean up their prose and look at their work in different ways.


If interested in hiring Tara for any freelance writing or editing work, please go to the contact page to email her about rates and for more information.