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Three Champions: the beginning

I'm starting the new year with a writing program using the book, "The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity" by Julia Cameron. It seems, so far, to be a sort of creative therapy course for those who've lost their way or who's inner child artist has been damaged. Cameron draws heavily from her… Continue reading Three Champions: the beginning

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Friends, family and social media induced loneliness; my plan for 2019

My husband, Ben, and I got married and bought a house in the same month; last June. As the summer neared a close we decided to host a “meet our house” party. It was an exciting time for both of us—a new marriage and we were both first time home buyers. It was the cumulation… Continue reading Friends, family and social media induced loneliness; my plan for 2019

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I prefer to no longer dwell on thoughts of pilgrims and natives when I think of this day, of Thanksgiving. In many ways it is a problematic idea that conjures, at least for me, images of the horrors of colonization. This is also a holiday with a politically influenced history and in modern times seems… Continue reading Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Goodbye, Glenfair

Today was my last day at Glenfair Elementary. And I have some thoughts. But first, for those who don't know, I have spent the last almost three years working at a very tough elementary schools. It is a school where the poverty rate qualifies all students for free breakfast, lunch and midday snack. There are… Continue reading Goodbye, Glenfair