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Dear Church: Our first love

Dear church, I am reading Francis Chan's, "Letters to the Church", and it is challenging me. For one, it is confirming, yet again, that I do not love you the way I should; the way God does. But it is also addressing and helping me flesh out some of the reasons why I am so… Continue reading Dear Church: Our first love

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Three Champions: The Pendletons

Most of my creative Champions, especially if you were to see my longer list, are educators. From principles to office staff, art and photography teachers to classroom teachers, I've had many encouraging educators. Two such classroom teachers were The Pendletons: husband and wife. Mrs. Pendleton guided me early as a first grader, while as a… Continue reading Three Champions: The Pendletons

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Three Champions: Ms. Degner

Mari-Linn, the school I attended in my elementary years, was also the school I attended as a middle schooler. It is located in Lyons, Oregon, which in my childhood was a rural logging community of around 700 people. The school pulled from the surrounding areas far outside the town limits which was where my family… Continue reading Three Champions: Ms. Degner