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March 8th Walk Out

I am sitting here trying to decide how to spend my day. There are expected to be tens of thousands of educators walking out today and every major public school district in the state of Oregon has closed school today (with the exception of Salem-Keizer which is closing early). There are, right now, people gathering… Continue reading March 8th Walk Out

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Meditative duck

Note: names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the story is honest.   Weekday mornings, when it is an A day, I often end up spending the first hour of my shift hunting for Christopher. Christopher does not like Algebra Fundamentals and I can't say that I blame him. He prefers to walk,… Continue reading Meditative duck

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Another Prompt and a Tribute to Grandpa Gilson

I joined a writing group last month. One just getting off the ground. It is small and mostly consists of older women around the age of my own parents. One lady, who grew up in Corbett, is old enough to have been friends with my grandma's younger sister and knew my great-grandfather, Dewey Carpenter. They… Continue reading Another Prompt and a Tribute to Grandpa Gilson

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Stephen King, “On Writing”, and a prompt

I have never been a Stephen King fan, although I have seen (like most kids of the 80's) more than one of the film adaptations of his novels. In my younger days I was too much a prude to read any of his books, although I did try to read one once; I forget which.… Continue reading Stephen King, “On Writing”, and a prompt

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Three Champions: The Pendletons

Most of my creative Champions, especially if you were to see my longer list, are educators. From principles to office staff, art and photography teachers to classroom teachers, I've had many encouraging educators. Two such classroom teachers were The Pendletons: husband and wife. Mrs. Pendleton guided me early as a first grader, while as a… Continue reading Three Champions: The Pendletons