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Hopes for 2020

I don’t do resolutions or goals for the new years. Not any more. But it is hard to not be reflective and introspective on New Year’s Eve, so here is a list of my hopes for the new year and the new decade:

  • I hope for a good labor; that all my yoga and meditation practice in 2019 will serve me well when the day comes in 2020.
  • I hope to be a more relaxed and confident mom this time around.
  • I hope good health for my family, but not the dog.
  • I hope the dog does not survive the year.
  • I hope to make writing more of a habit in my day to day life.
  • I hope to finish some writing projects, perhaps even publish or…dare I say it? Sell something.
  • I hope I get my pre-baby body back quickly.
  • I hope for improvements in my job situatuion (more hours, higher pay, different position, different job altogether…whatever).
  • If I finish the school year in education, I hope I can afford to take the summer off, or at least work only a little so I can be with the kids more.
  • I hope to be more present, understanding and patient wuth my family.
  • I hope to improve my communication skills, especially within my marriage.
  • I hop my husband can improve his communication skills as well…
  • I hope for more joy than sorrow.
  • I hope to do more of what I love: art, yoga, hikes, reading, writing, dance, sing, soccer, ect.
  • I hope to foster friendship and find a community, a village.
  • I hope Trump is not reelected.
  • I hope to travel, even if it’s close by–much of Oregon I haven’t explored, afterall.

Mostly I hope 2020 is good to me and my family, but also that we are good to it; that we take advantage of another trip around the sun to grow, create and love.

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