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A Poem for Baby

Que pasa, mi bebe?

What’s going on in there at night,

Gymnasts baby?

Flips, handsprings?


Ninja baby


Round houses?

Dancing baby

Do you have Banda in your soul?

Or a fiddle’s reel?

Soccer baby, futbolista

Goal kicks?

The Hand of God?

Is this some sort of revenge,

For the chaos I put you through?

Morning workouts,

10,000 steps,

The upside-down yoga?

Perhaps dinner’s meal is making you move

At 2 o’clock at night?

The chili?

Ice cream dessert?

Or maybe our nighttime activities

Got you all wound up?

The voice of Chelsea Handler?

A little lovemaking?

Whatever the cause,

The thing about it is

I need my sleep

It’s best for both of us.

Soon enough you’ll be out

Ensuring no one sleeps again.

But until then,

Take it easy?

Por favor, mi bebe?

And do your exercise

When I do mine?

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