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Photos: Kelly Point Park

For a while I have had the idea of incorporating more of my photography into my blog. Photography has been a love and hobby since high school. Perhaps earlier, I cannot quite remember, but I do remember shortly before he died that my grandfather gave me his old Nikon D50 and a couple lens. It was the spark of something. My grandfather as well as his father were both amateur photographers. I have many of their photos, framed and in albums in my home.

I’ve always gravitated towards nature photography, although I enjoy people as subjects as well. However, aren’t we a part of nature?


A few weeks ago on a rare visit to church, the speaker mentioned how she had “never really been that into nature”. She lost me after that. It’s not the first time I have heard someone say that and it always sounds a little stupid to me. Especially in church where the very idea of creation and our part in it is one of (or should be according to the Bible) tender stewardship. Furthermore, creation is often alluded to as worshiping.

Nature has always been where I feel most at peace and most at home. Maybe it’s my rural upbringing.  That’s what I like about the Portland area, there are no shortages of parks or green spaces. We thought we’d try a new one last week: Kelly Point Park.


Hedging the banks of the Columbia, the trail takes you to the point where it meets the Willamette. Stops along the Columbia side give pretty views of the industrial areas of the city with Mt. Hood in the background. After a short walk (perhaps half a mile) you reach the point of confluence. It was a less grand sight than I expected since the trees block much of the view:



From here the trail follows the Willamette forming a U shape back to the parking lots. All in all it is a short 1.7 miles and paved all the way. Great for small kiddos, those with disabilities or injuries or for those mostly wanting time on the beach.





It was less of a hike than I had been hoping for, but still gave my soul the commune it needed. And got my family outside and away from electronics for a while.


Time spent in high worship.

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