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Three Champions: the beginning

I’m starting the new year with a writing program using the book, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” by Julia Cameron. It seems, so far, to be a sort of creative therapy course for those who’ve lost their way or who’s inner child artist has been damaged. Cameron draws heavily from her belief in God and uses spirituality to help her readers in “discovering and recovering [their] creative self”. I have had the book for a number of years and have become good at ignoring it. Last year, in an effort to boost my writing, I started this blog. This year, I thought I’d finally give, “The Artist’s Way”, a chance.

Each week, among other activities, I am given certain prompts which are meant to nurture my inner creative child; with an emphasis, at least this first week, on healing the wounds that child may have received early on. This week I’ve done prompts exploring monsters of my past, I’ve considered words of wounding and words of affirmation and I have taken walks to rejuvenate. The prompt that I spent the most time on however, was the one asking me to think of three champions of my creative self. Thinking specifically of that inner child artist I was encouraged to honor them in some way. It was suggested in the book that I write a letter to one or more of these Champions, but due to administrative difficulties I’ve decided to honor them here. There will be a different one each day, so please stay tuned…

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