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Election Night

“I think that’s when I became interested in politics, actually”, I told my husband tonight, “watching election night coverage with my step-dad.”

We were joking about what old people we are becoming because we were spending this Tuesday night with eyes glued to the TV. Even through dinner; a time that is usually considered too sacred for electronics. But in this political and social climate, even a mid term election feels huge. It feels too big to not follow minute by minute.

There are moments I am glad I am an Oregonian. Election night is one of those nights. I am usually proud of the choices my deep blue state makes. And I am exceedingly glad that we have mail in ballots. Which leads me to my big thoughts of the night:

  • Every state NEEDS to have mail in ballots
  • The increase in winners who are not white males is exciting
  • The hostile political climate will not end tonight, it will likely amp up
  • There is still a lot of racism in America, and I think most American don’t realize it, especially in themselves
  • The nation has learned the value of mid-term voting, especially in years of turmoil

I also have a few questions:

  • Beto was such a promising candidate, what happened?
  • Why didn’t we see more backlash against Trumpism?
  • Will this night make a real difference? And will it help turn the tide of harmful Trump policies?

I think what makes me most excited about elections nights, what hooked me even as a teen, is the feeling of being apart of something bigger. A part of a bigger whole. A grand act of democracy. Perhaps the grandest on the planet. Watching a win and knowing you were a part of it. Or watching a loss and finding comfort in the others who are left upset and shocked.

Election nights are one of the few nights when I feel truly patriot.

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