True sparrow,

Same shape as your parents;

Same smiling eyes and hearty laugh.

Feeding happily on whatever the earth produces.

Nesting content where God gives shelter.

In his eyes and under his shadow;

A merry free flight, social and chatting,

Gladly going two when only one was required,

But keeping your soaring close, still.

While I went farther.


You continued to bath in the same waters;

Places we were taught as fledglings.

When adolescent fun, bent your wing

You learned to fly again.


But other wounds could not be healed;


Death shadows blocking your bright, earnest look.

How long did you labor under the dragging spell of despair?

Did the fiery metallic burn it all?

Was there peace when the longing was cut?


Where your flight has taken cannot be known

And cannot be followed.


We will watch the horizon for signs,

The setting and rising sun with hope:

Of twirling flights in fields of gold,

Of twisting wing through familiar forests,

Of rest in safety.

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